(Wonders of Creation)

The following basic draft gives an overview on the main points of our exhibition on the wonders and miracles of Creation:

Station 1: Creation Days 1–3
Creation of space, time & light, atmosphere, land masses & plants

Station 2: Creation Day 4
Creation of our galaxy and space (filling the space of Day Two).

Station 3: Creation Day 5
Creation of water animals and flying animals (filling the space of Day Three).

Station 4: Creation Day 6
Creation of terrestrial animals & mankind (filling the dry space of Day Three).

Station 5: Creation Day 7
Day of rest. Summary & resume.

Station 6: Garden of Eden & Fall of Man
State of the Garden of Eden. God’s desire for relationship and communion.

Station 7: Noah’s Flood & The Ark
The cause for immense geological change. God’s desire to salvage the good in creation.

Station 8: The Tower of Babel

Station 9: God’s Witnesses
Whether concerning the prophets, the people of Israel and the Old Testament: God always makes Himself known and provides a witness to who He is.

Station 10: Jesus Christ & You
God’s own Son lived in Israel 2000 years ago, so what does that mean to you today? You may be getting curious!

Wunder der Schöpfung
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