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Wonders of Creation

Where do we come from? Where are we going? Who created life? How long ago was that? – Can one really find answers to these questions?
Almost everyone has these questions. But are there reliable answers for such questions? Yes, there are – and that’s why the “Wunder der Schöpfung” (Wonders of Creation) group was founded.

Goal: Our goal is to answer these questions on the origin of life and its meaning – clearly and with a lasting effect. Therefore we are establishing exhibitions and museums for the purpose of bringing the WONDERS OF CREATION closer to all who want to know more.
In our eyes, it is crucial for every human being to see they are wanted and loved by their Creator. For only then we may fully comprehend God’s desire to have a personal relationship with us, and why God was even prepared to lay down His own life on our behalf through His Son JESUS CHRIST in order to freely give us eternal life with HIM.

Planning: The concepts and materials are based on the idea of being easily reproduced, so they may be easily multiplied once completed. We are currently working on the foundational concepts. We expect to make use of all available means as long as they are suitable and appropriate towards our above mentioned goal. This includes multi visual presentations of the Creation, posters, videos, exhibits, 3D models, arrangements for experiments, etc.

Content support: Ideal support is promised by the German research group “Wort und Wissen” as well as by “Answers in Genesis” (Creation Museum and Ark Encounter) in the U.S. All material contents will be reviewed by Bible-believing experts of various disciplines.

The “Wunder der Schöpfung” group is sponsored by the “Lukas-Schriftenmission e.V.” (a registered association).

Team: Our team consists of: scientists, theologians, educators, fossil collectors, designers, filmmakers, architects, publishers, translators, finance experts and other motivated Christians. We come from different Christian churches and co-operate with other ministries that have the same goal.


Exhibition: The exhibitions will be developed similar to a museum but other concepts are being considered. Currently, we are looking for suitable places and rooms. Should you like to host an exhibition or if you can offer a suitable setting, please let us know. Thank you.

Financing: Donations may be deposited on the account “Wunder der Schöpfung” at “Lukas-Schriftenmission e.V”. All donations are tax deductible for tax payers in Germany. Please check with the revenue authority in your country. The project will be realized step by step, according to incoming donations.

Donate to:
IBAN: DE04 6601 0075 0505 6377 51,
Loan institute: Postbank.
Donation purpose – code: “Wunder der Schöpfung” or “Wonders of Creation”.

Initiator and contact:
Dr. Lothar Gassmann, Am Waldsaum 39, D-75175 Pforzheim, Tel. 07231-66529, Email: Homepage:

Wunder der Schöpfung
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